When Dinner Turns into Smoke Damage

By July 12, 2017 Fire Damage

We all know the stereotype about young couples and their attempts to cook their first meals together. In those cases, burnt food is almost expected, if not guaranteed. This was the case for the Millers, a Surprise couple, while cooking their first romantic meal together. While cooking, Susan not only burned the food, but she almost burned down the whole kitchen! Luckily, the couple was able to extinguish the flames before it got too serious. There was, however, a lot of smoke damage to deal with on their kitchen cabinets, walls, cupboards, and ceiling.

Cleaning Smoke Damage Is Not Easy

One of the most tiresome and challenging cleaning tasks imaginable is the ones associated with smoke damage. Whether the damage came from smoke or soot from candles, or after a dinner cooking nightmare, smoke seems to always find a way to stick to kitchen surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and counters. Smoke damage can be very difficult to clean. Even if you are somehow able to remove the smoke stains, there will be a lingering odor of whatever was just burned, leaving an unpleasant smell throughout your home.

Home Remedies for Smoke Damage

If you’re dealing with a fire or smoke damage, there are a few practical home remedies you can use. These will help restore your kitchen to normal and even remove that sooty smell.

  • The first step following a kitchen fire is to create as much ventilation as possible in your kitchen. Turn on the fans and air vents and open the windows in the whole house.
  • If the damage is severe, take pictures and video of all of the damage before you clean up. Get in contact with your insurance company and inquire about filing a claim.
  • Assess the smoke damage and determine which areas you can clean yourself, or if you will need a professional to help.
  • Dispose of any open food items that were exposed to the smoke.
  • Smooth, shiny surfaces have the best chance to survive smoke damage. Walls painted with flat paint might be impossible to clean completely. In this case, the walls should be cleaned as much as possible and then repainted. Wallpaper will most likely have to be replaced.

DIY Cleaning Procedures

Trisodium phosphate, commonly known as TSP, is probably the most effective chemical used to treat smoke damage. Dissolve one tablespoon of TSP in one gallon of warm water. Remember to wear protective rubber gloves as TSP can cause skin irritation.

Use a large sponge to mix TSP cleaning solution and proceed with scrubbing the affected areas.
Be sure not to get the walls too wet. It’s easy to cause water damage to the drywall, and too much water can also cause mold to easily grow.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Professionals

Although some cleaning can be done on your own, in many cases, cleaning your kitchen and the restoration process are probably best left to the professionals. We highly suggest seeking advice from an expert before diving in too deep. Your home warranty might even cover the cleaning costs!

At Doan Restoration, we are available for 24-hour assistance when disaster strikes. So if that DIY dinner goes awry, we have your back.

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