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Is your business or home experiencing roof leaks from heavy rain? A wall or window breach caused by a falling tree? Perhaps flooding due to a storm or other natural disaster? Doan Restoration will perform storm damage restoration as soon as you call us!


A storm is a meteorological phenomenon that often endangers people and their material goods, directly or indirectly. Its importance is primarily reflected in its destructive mechanical action, which creates great economic fallouts and most importantly, endangers human lives. Storms are usually followed by flooding, high winds, and heavy rain, creating an immediate effect on landscaping and structures.

Storm damage cleanup is a complex process that requires a profound damage assessment and full property inspection followed by water removal, and the processes of drying and dehumidification if needed, cleaning, repairing, and restoration.

Together with you, we work closely with your insurance company to make your property functional operative as quickly as possible.

Doan Restoration has a team of licensed and trained experts who will help you get your life back to normal and repair storm damage consequences as soon as possible.

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When combined with other natural elements, storms can create massive catastrophizes and seriously threaten life and property. When acting with water, wind energy can raise strong destructive waves that damage the shores and objects on them. Consequences are:

  • Sewage Water Flooding
  • Hidden Wall and Roof Leaks
  • Undue Stress on the Household
  • Major Property Loss

Also, during winter, under the influence of strong winds, snowdrifts are created and landslides occur, which can also lead to catastrophic consequences. Under the destructive impact of wind, many residential buildings are left without entire roof structures, and a considerable number of buildings suffer from the demolition of nearby trees and fallen debris.

Buildings with large glass surfaces, such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, and congress centers with large glass surfaces are particularly exposed to storm damage. Great damage due to the breaking of break trees occurs on electrical installations, wired PTT connections, electrified railways, and roads. That’s where Doan Restoration jumps in.


At Doan Restoration, we are proud of our team of licensed, certified professionals who are constantly developing their skills and knowledge to enhance their performance. Also, we try to always keep up with modern standards and use the latest procedures and equipment in the process of storm damage restoration of your home or business facility.

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Need Help With Storm Damage?

Has your business or home experienced roof leaks, wall or window breach, or flooding due to a storm or other natural disaster? Doan Restoration is the team to call.

Why Doan Restoration?

Emergency Service 24/7

We understand the nature of an emergency. Immediately after your call, our team will be on their way to your location for the assessment of the storm damage. We will start the initial storm damage repair and cleanup at the earliest followed by other procedures to prevent secondary damage.

Clear Policies & Estimates

When it comes to damage assessment, we have a team of professional experts, at your service who will make quick, efficient, and most adequate damage assessment of your facility, saving you time and money. Following the nature of the damage, we use the most modern technologies in restoring your life to the state before the disaster.

A Trained Team of Professionals

If your property requires restoration and cleanup after the storm, just give us a call and we will come to your location at the earliest, sending our highly trained, licensed and certified team of professionals. Doan Restoration is the leader in the storm damage restoration business in Michigan and the surrounding area. We are using modern technologies and environmentally friendly procedures to provide superior restoration and cleanup results.

Accredited Odor Removal

In our procedures, we use only the best-renowned equipment and technology that provides us with quality and most effective results. Our goal is to perform the highest standard sanitation of your property and make your home a living space at the earliest.

EPA Approved Disinfecants

After rainstorms, usually, the biggest issue is the formation of pockets of excess moisture which leads to the creation of microorganisms and fungi that are very harmful to human health. After we remove excess water and complete the drying process, we use special permitted EPA chemicals to completely sanitize and disinfect your property.

Licensed & Completely Insured

We are the #1 storm damage cleanup company in Michigan and proud to have leading industry certificates in the restoration business. Compared to other restoration companies, we possess 4x higher coverage. Feel free to contact us for the complete list of certificates and licenses of our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we work with all insurance companies and have a working relationship with all carriers. We will walk you through the entire process. We provide direct billing to your insurance agency and use standard pricing, making the claims process easy and hassle-free.

We handle every job with the care and attention as if it were our own property. We respond immediately to your call, day or night, and dispatch one of our experienced technicians promptly to your site. Once we’re there, we control the source of the water and begin removing bulk water. We then contain the affected area to limit secondary damages. Our team then gets to work, using the latest technology and equipment to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and discreetly. We provide real-time documentation and bill your insurance company directly using industry-wide, standardized pricing.

Every case is different, but we’ve seen large commercial jobs finish within the same day, but most jobs take 3-4 days. We understand the science behind drying large areas and use our proven process to guarantee a quick recovery. Instead of only using fans and dehumidifiers, we also use high levels of heat to speed up drying times. Our method of drying typically cuts drying time by 30-50%.

Yes. All of our employees have proper certifications and documentation. Each employee is required to pass a rigorous background check, are trained to standards exceeding our industry, and are covered by our insurance policy.

Yes. We hold all necessary insurance including General Liability Insurance, Contractor’s Insurance, Contractor’s Pollution Liability Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. In fact, we carry up to 4 times more coverage than other restoration companies. We will happily share our proof of insurance at your request.

Yes. We love sharing our work, but we understand and respect that some jobs are more sensitive than others. At your request, we keep job details discreet and will not publicize or market our work.

About Doan Restoration

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At Doan Restoration, our customers are our greatest value and their satisfaction is our top priority. We are the number 1 provider in restoration services in Michigan. Our team of licensed, trained, and qualified professionals are available to you 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 days a day. We use the latest procedures and the most modern equipment to restore your home from disaster in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs.


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Meticulous Service

We believe that quality in a restoration company means meticulous attention to detail, thoughtful analysis and sharing of information, and an exclusive focus on what’s best for the customer. Call 586-842-8142. We’ll be here for you

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24/7 Availability

Our team is available 24/7/365 to handle any size emergency. Within minutes of your call, our team of technicians will be dispatched to your property so we can inspect the damage and advise on how to limit the cost and impact to you.

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We are not a big corporation with different franchises. We are locally owned and operated and proud to call Michigan home. Being close to your home means faster response times when you need it most.

Need Help With Storm Damage?

Call us today and find out why Doan Restoration is the #1 Storm Damage Restoration company in Michigan.